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     Above ground:

        This includes shock and algaecide (within 30 minute mile radius)



        This includes shock and algaecide (within 30 minute mile radius)


  Price includes:


  • The cover will be removed and put away OR left out for cleaning by the customer.

  • The system will be generated and observed for proper installation. The water must be at the proper level to perform this task.

  • Water will be treated with shock & algaecide.

  • Ladders, handrails, and diving board will be installed.

  • The heater will be turned on and inspected for proper operation when applicable.


  • Remove all ladders, handrails, and diving board (if applicable).

  • Water will be treated with shock & algaecide.

  • Pool filtration equipment will be drained and winterized. DE filters will be cleaned.

  • Salt pool cells will be inspected for scale and cleaned if necessary.

  • Empty water from pool plumbing lines, plug return and skimmer lines using plugs/Gizmos supplied by owner (Inground).

  • Disconnect filtration hoses (Above Ground).

  • Installation of winter cover (supplied by owner)

  Note to customer:


  • If Owner is not home for the appointment of opening/closing pool and has not been prepaid, please make sure that payment is left out for D&L Pools to collect during appointment.  Additional items supplied will be billed.

  • Due to possible pre-existing conditions, D&L Pools does not warranty pool service work or make an expressed or implied warranty of pool structure, deck, piping, or any other associated pool equipment.

  • D&L Pools will not assume responsibility and/or liability for damages incurred by removal and re-installation of equipment parts which are corroded, rusted, or otherwise deteriorated. Repairs and/or replacements will be made at the Owner’s expense.

  • At winterization, D&L Pools will not be expected to be responsible for any missing or damaged items of pool equipment stored on owner’s property under their care and keeping over the summer months.

  • POOL WATER SHOULD BE CLEAR AND BALANCED PRIOR TO WINTERIZATION. D&L Pools will not assume responsibility and/or liability for damaging pool INTERIOR resulting from existing water conditions, i.e. staining, calcium scale, corrosion and/or stain causing debris.

  • Owner is responsible for monitoring and correcting cover position after D&L Pools departure and during winter months. D&L Pools will not assume any warranty for the condition of the pool cover and/or securing devices at time of installation or during the winter season. Unless specifically instructed by the owner, D&L Pools will not install any damaged covers or covers which do not fit.

  • Air pillows and water tubes even if brand new may develop holes or leaks. There will be a service charge to replace any of these items. Air pillows may migrate away from the center of the pool. This is not an issue. They are for ice compression.

  • A $30.00 service fee will be charged and added to the bill if scheduled appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment.

  • Pool water should be lowered just below skimmer. We can lower the water for an additional fee or we will close at current water level and bill for additional plugs.

  • Water must be pumped off the cover. 

- Water must be at operating level in order to test equipment.

- Electric must be on if you will not be home during opening.

- $130 per hour - pump water off of cover. In lieu of fee, water from cover can go into the pool. Be aware this can greatly effect the water clarity/condition.


  Ask us about our discounted season supply of chemicals which can be delivered on your opening date!!



  We do not do routine maintenance such as weekly cleaning, water balancing, etc. 







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