Above ground:

        $180.00 - including chemicals (within 30 minutes)



        $285.00 - including chemicals (shock and algaecide) 


  Price includes:


- Cover will be removed and put away.

- System will be generated and observed for proper installation, Water must be at proper level in order to perform this task.

- Water will be treated with shock and algaecide.

- Install all ladders, handrails, and Diving board.

- Heater will be turned on and inspected for proper operation when applicable (chemicals must be well balanced)


- Remove all ladders, handrails, and Diving board (if applicable and able to do so)

- Water will be treated with shock and algaecide.

- Filtration system, heaters, etc., will be drained and winterized.

- Plumbing lines will be winterized and plugged. 

- Installation of cover.

  Note to customer:

- Water must be pumped off of cover and water must be at operating level in order to test equipment.

- Electric must be on if you will not be home during opening.

- $75 - pump water off cover

- $85 - powerwash cover and waterbags - We must know in advance. 


  Ask us about our discounted season supply of chemicals which can be delivered on your opening date!!

  Hayward chlorinator with check valve can be installed during opening for $199.



We do not do routine maintenance such as weekly cleaning, etc. 







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